Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#SnowJam Part 1...pending Part 2

In honor of our impending #SnowJam Part 2 - here are photos of our place from 2 weeks ago, when Atlanta was shut down.

I was one of the lucky / smart ones for the #SnowJam Part 1, and took off from work about 11:30AM. I had a completely normal commute - snow was 'just starting' to accumulate on the ground, and had not yet frozen, by the time I got off the interstate.

Our streets were REALLY slippery for about a day last time until everything melted off. I expect the ice storm coming this afternoon will be more of the same.

I will definitely be heading home before all the rain turns to ice. It's about 38 degrees right now.

I hate to say it - but it was REALLY NICE to be this pregnant and have 2 work from home days last time! It kills the group productivity but for my personal production - I got a TON of work done! So we will see how the next 2 days go...stay safe out there!

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Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

I'm with you! I am working from home today as well - 6 inches of snow currently in Charlotte, NC and I got sooo much done! Hope you guys are OK and warm!