Sunday, February 2, 2014

35 weeks - Ups and Downs

Ups - 2 SNOW DAYS!  I was NOT caught in the traffic because I left work very early on got to work from home in my PJ's, in a comfy chair, with the heating pad for 2 days.  My sciatic was so thankful.  Still can't walk worth a darn, but I was grateful for those 2 days.

Downs - Pain, pain, pain, wobble, waddle.  Blegh.

Ups - We picked out Peanut's coming home outfit from Buy Buy Baby!  It's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Downs - I'm always hungry because I can't eat much, because I can either breathe or have food in my tummy!  And no matter what there's heartburn.

I guess this is why there are 8 months of kind of okayness, and the last month you just want the baby OUT!

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