Sunday, March 2, 2014

38 weeks - Ups & Downs

Super Huge UP! I had TWO baby showers this week!!

On Tuesday night, my Bunco and neighborhood group got together to play Bunco first (of course) and then had a baby shower afterwards. It was so fun to have the neighbors all so excited for a baby in the neighborhood! I think there were about 15 people there, so it was a great turnout. I (well Peanut) got tons of cute clothes and toys too!

On Friday, some of my work friends (10 of them) hosted an "Open House Potluck" baby shower over the lunchtime hours. It was really fun - lots of men & women both. People were able to drop by, grab a plate of food, chitchat for a bit, and keep going with their day. It meant a lot that so many people stopped in - maybe 40? I haven't counted them all up yet but it was a lot! It was so fun.

Since I started my new job in September over at the TOC, I really miss all my old friends from the past 5 years in the other buildings! It was super nice to talk to folks that I haven't seen for about 6 months.

We did the traditional gift-opening at the end as well, with some super cute AND super useful stuff plus a TON of group gift cards. Those will come in SOOOO handy to buy all of the last minute supplies we are sure to need! 

Down - Jeff found something was leaking on the fish tank on Saturday night. CRAPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We spent the evening and night disassembling and trying to find the leak, and then trying to determine our next steps.

It was super stressful because if the tank was really unstable, the whole thing could have blown at any time! And, to either tear the whole thing down OR to replace the tank and move everything is at least a 3-5 day project. Turns out, we think some gaskets were leaking (best case scenario).

The fix is still "in process" of being finished but hopefully it will be completed today and we will feel confident of no more leaks by tomorrow. This is literally the fastest and most cost effective thing that could have gone wrong! So, I guess that part is good...

UP - Peanut is not here yet...we have time to finish stuff at work, and at home!

DOWN - Peanut is not here yet...I'm getting anxious for labor & delivery, and am ready to meet him (and stop waddling)!

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