Monday, November 4, 2013

A Perfect Fall Weekend

Fort Mountain State Park. Located at the top of Fort Mountain just outside Chatsworth, GA - it's probably my most serene and favorite place to visit in the North Georgia Mountains.
I convinced Jeff I felt well enough (at 22, almost 23 weeks pregnant) to take me Fall camping.  I'm so, so glad we did!!!!
Cool Springs Overlook / Gahuti Trail - Fort Mountain State Park

The weather was perfect - hi 65 lo 42, the leaves were at peak beauty, we had smores and campfires and RELAXED, we walked and hiked every day..............I couldn't ask for a better time.

We arrived just after lunch on Friday, and found a great spot.  We were on the lake loop, with a bit of seclusion provided by the hillside.

After setting up, we took a really long walk around the 2 campgrounds, met our neighbors who were avid college football fans, and relaxed by starting a campfire.  After a quick taco dinner, we had smores and went to bed by 9:30 (hey, I AM pregnant after all!).

On Saturday, we awoke to chilly temperatures.  After breakfast, we put on our hiking gear and did a bit of exploring.

Our exploring also included driving to the top of an overlook - not just for the beauty of it, but also for ordering some nursery furniture while it was still on sale (oopsie, I procrastinated that one a bit too long).  We needed cell phone signal and this overlook was the only place we had reception.  Not a bad place to do business!

Later Saturday evening, a storm felt like it was blowing in, so we made dinner early on our little charcoal grill, had an early campfire, and escaped the swirling smoke by 9-ish and hit the sack early again :)

Sunday was a leisurely day with a brisk temperatured walk, tearing down, and heading home.

It was such a beautiful, peaceful weekend.  Jeff and I really had a chance to reconnect, put a lot of the recent worry away, and just BE with each other.  I feel so lucky that I have a built-in best friend.  And I feel even luckier that I think we're better together today than 9 years ago when we got married.

It's been a joy to grow individually, and to grow together at the same time.  And I can't wait to grow even more as our little family of 2 welcomes our baby in a few months.

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