Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ups and Downs - 25 weeks

Oopsie, I'm well into my 26th week and did not give a recap of my 25th! Well, here goes anyway...

UP - major, major up! I had a prenatal massage!!!!!!!!!! For like 3 hours post massage, it was like I wasn't pregnant - literally NO pain in my hips. It was awesome.

UP - my mom was here and helped me host Bunco, put finishing touches on the house, and finalize everything for the nursery. We are almost done - just need her to make the curtains and we need to order a couple more things, but we are 90% set!

DOWN - when my mom is here I want to be so productive that I push myself way too hard. My tiredness level is crazy...I'm good until probably lunchtime, then crash hardcore every hour until I go to bed!!! And of course physically that pushing makes me not just tired, but definitely manifests itself in right hip pain. BOOOOOO.

DOWN - It's cold. My winter coat doesn't fit. I hung on to a "fat" coat from a couple years ago, so I guess that's what I will use.

DOWN - Weighed in today at my appointment (26 weeks 2 days) and have gained 18 lbs total.  Whaaaaat?  I have done literally nothing different so how did I gain 6 lbs in a month?  This is crazy. 

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