Monday, November 11, 2013

Ups and Downs - 23 weeks

It's been a pretty quiet week. I had a lot of late nights at work so it was just a work-sleep-maintain kind of week. But Peanut is not letting me forget about him, oh no!  More and more thumps every day. 

UP - Our crib and nursing glider & ottoman arrived this week. This means the nursery is ALMOST complete!!!!!!!! We have all the pieces, and have rearranged the furniture, but are still struggling with what to put on the twin bed in terms of sheets / comforter / etc.

UP - We went hiking again :). Only probably 2 miles or so, and we went really slowly, but it was great to get out and hear the creek, see the leaves, and enjoy the fall weather.

DOWN - I'm swollen. My legs, ankles, and feet are quite poofy by the end of the day. Exercise and excessive water intake seem to help, as do elevating and footrubs when I get home.

DOWN - My belly is getting big. I've been eating well and exercising, but I continue to worry about weight gain.  I FEEL like I've gained a lot.  I have my next monthly appointment this week, so we will see where I weigh in and what the doctor says. Between the bit of extra weight and general swelling, I don't feel like I'm getting around very well (plus my right hip is a killer). It's too early to do the waddle!!!

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