Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I'm dreaming of gear

No, not baby gear. I'm obsessed...with fitness, camping, and hiking gear! (Um, hello, there's a reason we got - ahem - $80 back from our 2012 purchases at REI!).

Enter For Two Fitness!!!  Maternity workout clothes that are cute, and of course, sassy.

I'm uber bummed it does not appear they have plus or extended-chest sizes...but in any case here are some of my favorites on my wish list.  (Maybe next time around, HAHAHAHA!)

I would TOTALLY wear this during my personal training days!

Peanut loves to Zumba in my belly as much as I love to Zumba at Maria's class!!!  (Which I am delinquent in attendance recently but whatever.  I'm still a Zumba-er at heart.)

And of course I could always use some workout capris...even though my "chubbier" workout pants are still working ok :)

Love it!  Wish I could wear them NOW!

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