Monday, November 18, 2013

Ups and Downs - 24 weeks

Yikes! I'm a little late with this weekly update...but things have been going really well so I can't wait to share! 

UP - I took my one-hour gestational diabetes test this week and PASSED with flying colors! I was at 105, and for pregnancy, anything under 130 is doing well. As a matter of fact 90-100 is good for NON pregnancy, so I was really pleased. We will probably re-test again at least once due to higher risk factors, but I have a great start! (Good to know the Halloween candy didn't affect it too much!)

UP - I also had a 3rd anatomy scan to check Peanut's heart and spine (plus a few other things). At the second scan 3 weeks ago, they couldn't get clear pictures of either one, so this re-test was to check all the blood flow and make sure the spine went all the way down - both were great! And we got an AWESOME picture:

DOWN - The bit of downer news was the doctor estimated Peanut was a little small - 11th percentile. Anything "normal" is between 10th and 90th percentiles, so he just barely squeaked by at 1lb, 4oz. They want to keep an eye on his growth so we are going in for ANOTHER ultrasound to measure him next month. Hopefully everything is just fine. They did not seem too concerned as it's an estimate at this point.

UP - My mom is visiting us this weekend to help finish the nursery, and help me prepare and host Bunco on Tuesday. She is making her AWESOME pumpkin bars and I can't wait. (Her baking might be better than the decorating help!!!!!!!! Just kidding. Sort of.) We also found PERFECT coordinating fabric to our theme at Joann Fabrics, and she has committed to sewing (or having someone sew) custom curtains for the nursery. Hopefully she will be able to bring the completed curtains with her when she comes back at Christmas.

DOWN - This isn't REALLY pregnancy related but it's annoying to me, so I'm sharing...we ordered a new dining room set (for our kitchen, since our dining room is really our "fish tank viewing room"), a rug, and some new pillows from Bassett furniture. We worked with them before for a new sofa and it was a super great experience - all the furniture is customized, from colors and fabric to general structure and finish. So we were glad to go back and do the same with the dining room set. However, something got messed up with our order and the 30-day lead time for shipping has crept into 45-days and we still don't have a firm it will not be here in time for Bunco!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOO. It's taken a lot of phone calls, time, and effort to get it cleared up and it's just annoying. Especially because it's probably the last "big" home purchase we will make for quite a few years. 

I'm not loving the selfie this week - I couldn't get any good ones. My belly is getting big! But mostly it still looks fat in most of my clothes which TOTALLY SUCKS. I am NOT one of those people that looks like they have a cute little basketball under their shirt. I think I will actually look "pregnant" maybe a week before birth. Sheesh.

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