Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That light? It's a train

Whoa, nelly.

We have been going 12 million miles an hour since Jeff started working. It's like we had been stuck in neutral and now are moving faster than we can (comfortably) keep up with. Even with a housecleaner!

New job, new responsibiliteis, new learning, certifications, bald car tires, failed a/c, saving for the future, getting healthy, cooking at home 95% of the time (yes, B-L-D except 3x per week), Maddie getting sick, Jeff getting sick, sticking to our budget, putting in new flooring, painting 3 rooms, working out, going to the therapist, going to the nutritionist, counting points, tracking on weight watchers, struggling at work, succeeding at work, spraying weeds, cleaning gutters, fixing the leaky roof, mourning my kitty, lamenting that I'm 30 and haven't accomplished what I intended yet...

I know these are all "just life"...but we have never been able to successfully do it ALL at ONCE. Now I know why. Cuz it's REALLY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But we're doing it! Somehow, someway. Which means, it can only get easier as we 'practice more'. But please understand if we cut your phone call short.

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Jennifer said...

Don't worry sweetie! You are an amazing woman and I think that you have already accomplished a ton! Besides the goal of owning the world at 30 is so unrealistic! Give it till at least you are 40. Take a deep breath and realize that it will be ok and that sooner than later you will fall into a daily schedule!