Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adult-ness, and Cleanliness

This is not an XXX post (contrary to the title).

I am happy to report we took two more steps forward on our way to adulthood (nevermind I'm 30).

1. We have hired housecleaners.
2. We purchased a safe.

Over this past wonderful 3-day weekend, we spent an entire day deep-cleaning the master bedroom and closet. Curtains down and sanitized, walls washed, baseboards swiped, carpet edges dug out, all furniture moved, ceiling fan cleaned...and we did all the normal vacuuming and dusting as well.

Two things: One, the room smells amazing. (Does dirt smell? I think it does. Indistinguishable, but present.) Two, Jeff decided our time together and our continued focus on getting healty(er) is more valuable than devoting an entire day to cleaning one room. Especially given that several of his days are now occupied with his new job.

As he said, "Something's got to give."

So we have housecleaners coming tomorrow to finish cleaning the rest of the house we didn't get done (which would be everything except the master bedroom).

And we decided it was time - we got a bolt-down safe to secure all of our important papers and especially valuable stuff (ok, mostly just papers). With new people coming in and out of the house, it was the final push to get all of that identity stuff secure.

YIPPEE for outsourcing!

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