Thursday, January 19, 2012

In defense of Paula Deen

I am disgusted by the way the media is treating Paula Deen's disclosure that she has Type 2 diabetes.

Yes, her style of cooking is fatty. And salty. And rich.

Yes, she has made a lot of money and fame by showing people how to cook 'southern style'.

Yes, her Gooey Butter Cake is so good you want to eat it all (until you calculate the nutritional information).

But the way the media has been reporting Ms. Deen's diabetes and subsequent endorsement of a medication is appalling. To publicly blame the patient entirely for 'causing her diabetes' is unfair.

Her style of cooking is not diabetes-friendly. However, it can be eaten in moderation with almost everyone. Additionally, while a diet high in fat and sugar can contribute to Type 2 diabetes - so can a lot of other things, like genetic factors, waist size, and activity level.

I'm not saying that this cooking style is healthy - it's not. But stop PUBLICLY blaming Paula for making herself sick. Don't you think she has already had that conversation with her internal demons???

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