Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Yummy New Brunch

The Hungry Girl always inspires me...and a few weeks ago she recommended a french toast to I did. It turned out great! And the whole meal - 2 slices French Toast with a side of cheesy scrambled eggs - is only 6 points plus:

Make on the griddle (or a large skillet pan if you have one big enough):
2 slices Sara Lee 45 calories and Delightful wheat bread (2 points)
1/3 cup Egg Beaters plain plus dash of skim milk (1 point)
2 Tbsp Aunt Jemima light maple syrup (1 point)

At the same time make in a skillet:
1/2 cup Egg Beaters western style (you buy it pre-flavored) (1 point)
1/8 cup Kraft Fat Free Cheddar Cheese (1 point)
2 Tbsp salsa (free)

Add fruit (apple, banana, orange) if you want...also FREE points.

I added 3 slices of bacon...which was 3 points...but I LOVE bacon so I was ok with that (and we were having this for breakfast AND lunch). I also added 2 cups of coffee and a half cup of soymilk, so that added another point. I think all told, my total meal this morning was 10 or 11 points - which is fantabulous for a totally indulgent-feeling brunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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