Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Plain Yogurt Revelation

Um, HELLO? Why didn't I think of this before?

Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt + Lois's homemade strawberry jam = DELISH...and way less sugar than a normally flavored greek yogurt.

Also, it's a nice change from my regular greek yogurt / blueberry / honey combo.

What do you all eat for breakfast? I am soooo over cereal.

I would like to point out I made the following for us for breakfast this morning, in honor of Jeff's first day of his 2nd week of work:
1/2 cup egg beaters
1/8 cup diced ham (you know me - of course I bought it already diced)
1/8 cup Kraft Reduced Fat 4-cheese mexican blend
2 slices Sara Lee Delightful bread
1 Tbsp of previously referenced Lois's strawberry jam

All equal to 6 points. Eat your hearts out.


Jennifer said...

As I eat my not so healthy bowl of ceral all I can think is I wish I was at your house this morning! That sounds yummy! I need to start eating better because as of now aI either eat frozen waffles, cereal or oatmeal! Where are you finding all your yummy suggestions? Also did you made omletes in a bag or just scrambled eggs with ham in them?

Jessica said...

I just scrambled the eggs, ham and cheese all together - with double proportions for the two of us - in a non-stick skillet and it literally took less than 8 minutes to cook up. Sometimes I add frozen spinach or broccoli if it's just me. And the non-stick skillet is necessary to make clean up a breeze. Oatmeal is a good breakfast item as well - just make sure to get unsweeted (or Low Sugar Quaker packets) to cut down on the calories - then toughen it up with blueberries (just wash and dump em in). You know me, I love easy.

Anna said...

I used to eat one of the small cups of Chobani plain (except I bought the big container and took about the amount I needed to be eco-friendly) and about a half cup of granola (I liked the Quaker Honey and Raisin one best). Loved it and I was full until lunch but it is 8 PPV and I got to the point where I just didn't have enough left in the evening. Now I eat a hard boiled egg and some fruit or some instant cream of wheat with a little bit of splenda brown and raisins.

Jessica said...

I also purchase the big Chobani's but use only a half cup and doctor it up with honey and blueberries or apples. It ends up being 3 PPV that way. I was putting Bear Naked granola in but it's just too many PPV for what it is!