Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kinect Dances my butt off

So...we bought a Kinect. We had so much fun playing at Christmas with my family that we finally bit the bullet.

I should say, "I" bit the bullet. I really, really, really wanted it for 2 reasons: Dance Party 2 and Your Fitness Evolved.

As a continuation of our healthier living goal, I have been working out more (ok, well not over Christmas because, well, it was Christmas, plus I was sick) and have been looking for other fun ways to fit it in. DANCING seemed perfect - and after I had a blast with Amy doing just 2 songs at Christmas, I was hooked!

Jeff has called me an idiot savante at this Dance game. I can do a lot of the songs on hard and still get a pretty high score. (Although I can't do Justin Bieber. My body just won't move correctly.) I would like to think it's talent - but even though I am 'technically' doing a lot of the moves correctly -- I don't look 'good' while doing them.

I am no Heather Morris. But for 30 minutes at a time, I can pretend I am!!!


Amy said...

The Justin Bieber experience is too advanced btw. My score was pushing 400,000---on his song.....

Jessica said...

Our neighbor, Chad, scored almost a million points on Justin Bieber's "Somebody to Love" medium...I think he must practice at home!