Monday, September 19, 2011

Yard Work Continued

Day 2: We divided and conquered just a bit; Jeff started trimming up all of our bushes and limbing up trees, while I went to Pike Nursery to purchase birdseed, pansies, fertilizer, and pine straw. (And lunch. From Wendy's.)

Our yard looks fantastic!!! Actually, the problem with a huge property is you can't tell when you put 15 hours of work in...

But here's what we got done today anyway, in case you come by and wonder:

Grass and beds edged and trimmed
Front bushes and gardenias cut back and re-shaped
Lots and lots of trees limbed up (wow they look better)
Many loads taken to the backyard compost pile
American flag exchanged for Halloween flag of pumpkins and a black kitty
Mailbox bed is completely weeded (no small task)
Pine Straw laid down in mailbox bed, gardenia bed, and climbing rose in back
Angelonia, moss roses, and petunias pulled out of pots
Potting soil refertilized and pansies planted in pots
Hoses and sprinklers drained and put away

There are still a massive amount of sticks and branches down in the backyard, which need to be gathered and burned. And I need to get some pumpkins for the front porch and stairs. And I still need to spray blackspot treatment on my roses and hydrangeas, and pull of some leaves that I saw yesterday starting to yellow and spot...maybe later though!

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