Friday, September 16, 2011

Seattle / Trade Show

Yay, trade show!! I trekked to Seattle on Monday (wow that is a long trip from Atlanta) and checked into my second trade show. This time, a small gathering of industry-specific folks were showing off their food, beverage, and interior amenities all in one place.

Who wants to hear about the work stuff? No one. (Although here is an example of a new product:)

I will give you a rundown of the evening activities. (Keep in mind each day started by 9am.)

After arrival on Monday, there was a welcome reception and bowling at The Garage in downtown Seattle. I did bowl on a team, but we were not very good - in fact, no one was! Some people were serious with the slogans on their t-shirts..."My drinking team has a bowling problem", and "The Rolling Pins" (all chefs) are a couple examples.

After the show on Tuesday, I went to a hosted dinner at the Space Needle. Very cool!

We were entertained by dueling pianos, and when the dinner was over we had an opportunity to go to the top and have a look. Wow!

After the dinner, there was an 'event' with a DJ back at the hotel and again, shut the place down.

On Wednesday, the show ended and dinner and celebration was held at the Museum of Flight. I got to tour the inside of a retired Air Force One and Concorde, plus lots of other stuff that I did not do (like simulator rides).

What a great, wonderful, exhausting week!

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