Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Fitness Assessment

I joined a Team Fitness Challenge at work.

We have had a fitness center on campus for about a year. They have launched a Team Fitness Challenge and about 20 of us in Supply Chain signed up. We will all be working independently and representing SCM well (hopefully)!

The greatest part? They do a pre-assessment, wait 7 weeks, and then a post-assessment. You don't have to 'work out' with your co-workers, or pay for this gym's membership.

My assessment today consisted of a height measurement, weight measurement, resting heart rate, flexibility (like the old v-sit and reach), push-ups (I couldn't do any), and body fat pincher at your arm, belly, and thigh. (I feel like that pincher thing theory kind of breaks down with big people. I just don't see how it could possibly work.)

We will get our 'real-age' body results next week. Hopefully I am in my 40's so I can get into my real age of 30 and win the Most Improved!!!

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