Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Wedding Weekend

Yippee!!! My friend Emily got married!!!!!!!!

It was the perfect excuse for the Kienows to vacation in the Black Hills during Labor Day weekend.

Jeff and I spent Thursday with Jason at an awesome site - shooting guns! It was my first ever experience with handguns, and I have to say, I did pretty well. Jeff also got to break in his new Glock, and had fun with that.

On Friday, we started a leisurely morning with the guys reapplying asphalt to the driveway while the girls chatted and took a walk with Mason (the resident Kienow black lab). After a late brunch, we headed into Sturgis - Amy got a massage, Mom and I went to a what-not shop, and Dad and Jeff wheeled and dealed over a new vehicle. We stopped in to The Knuckle for some steak tips, and then we drove out by Bear Butte, Iron Horse Campground, Buffalo Chip, and onto some other pasture/hay/well water land. We went up another piece of land that is being logged and stopped to talk to that guy. Then we went to Strawberry Hill to find a geocache - Amy's eagle eye found it!

On Saturday, the guys replaced the dryer vent pipe while we took another walk with Mason over to the President's Park. We had an early lunch of Indian Tacos at Cheyenne Crossing, and then headed down Spearfish Canyon to look at the Falls and enjoy the weather.

Even though we've been there many times, I still love the scenery - it's soooo beautiful. But it was chilly - in the 60's!!!! I definitely needed my jacket and the hat for warmth.

Later that day, we celebrated Emily and Eric's wedding at Spearfish Canyon Lodge - the same site of our wedding almost 7 years ago! It was surreal to be back there with many of the same people, but it was also a lot different; ours was snowy and indoors, this was green and outdoors.

We were up and at 'em sort-of-early (there is not a lot of sleeping in once my dad is awake...BANG go the cupboard doors). I planned a picnic and packed up all the food for chicken sandwiches, fresh tomatoes, apples, chips, and drinks and we headed to Sheridan Lake. It was beautiful and fun. Although here were the complaints heard: 1) I eat outside all the time. This is fun? 2) Bees! I hate bees! 3) Shit, the wind blew my plate away. 4) The view is nice. But they're not really water people.

After this we drove to Bear Country, which I don't think I've been to since I was a kid. It was really cool - but apparently everyone else wanted to go on Sunday afternoon because it was a little bit like being stuck in a voluntary traffic jam. The wolves and deer were neat, but a bit slow to watch...but the bears made it worth it! So cool.

The family spent some time at Babyland, mostly on cuteness overload from the baby bears playing with each other. We finished up the evening in Deadwood with dinner at the Mineral Palace. I had so much fun - and I'm glad they did too.

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