Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to Talk to Girls

This post by Lisa Bloom got me thinking last week.

I don't have kids. And I am not always sure what to do around other people's kids...people think I can be standoffish with their kids, and they assume that because we don't have our own, that we don't like them, or don't want them. Not true! I just don't know how to behave or interact with the little ones.

So, with little boys I ruffle their hair and ask about frogs or Cars (the movie) or something. With little girls I usually say, "You're so Cute!" and ask them about their pretty barrette or shoes.

Wow. After reading Lisa's post, I am newly self-aware.

What sort of message I am I sending to the little girls? And even worse, an UNINTENTIONAL message. From a successful female herself, who has struggled with beauty and body issues, and is smart and hilarious and put together - I could be a real role model for these little girls I meet, if only for 10 minutes.

From now on - I will do as the author of the original post did...ask them about their favorite book. Or science class. Or nature or the earth. Or sports.

But I will not lead off with how CUTE they are. Even if they are.

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Amy said...

Truth. And I might add that it is okay for little boys to be interested in delicate, beautiful things and not be scarred for life as some ultra-conservative parents believe.