Thursday, June 9, 2011

All's Well...

Wow, what a fun time! As the temperature rose in HOTlanta (it was over 100 heat index in the city) we were enjoying a cool 83 degrees in the Blue Ridge Mountains which was a welcome relief.

We decided to take Friday night to relax and recoup from the week and headed out early Saturday morning. After a quick stop at REI for a few 'essentials', we tooled through Dahlonega, a quaint artist and wine town that had antiques too boot! About 30 minutes later we arrived at our campsite at Vogel State Park, joining the other 103 campsite campers.

We set up our gear and headed out to explore.

A 1-mile walk around the lake was beautiful and the perfect start to the trip. While walking we saw a sign for 'Bear Hair Gap Trail' and thought - hey, let's do that tomorrow!

So we did. Kind of. We started it...but didn't even make it halfway :(. We will tell ourselves it's because of the heat (it was) and the lack of good hiking boots (it was REALLY rocky and bruised my tootsies). This is now remedied and the trail will be attempted again soon!!!

It is Georgia after all, and even at breakfast time my hair gets frizzy and I am sweaty - but boy we had fun!!!

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