Friday, July 1, 2011

Favorite Fireworks

I am not a huge fireworks person. I am content with Snaps (because you can throw them at someone), sparklers, and a pagoda (because it reminds me of Amy).

I hate the stuff that makes a bunch of damn noise. Damn kids.

But Jeff really likes fireworks. Luckily he doesn't get too much of the noisy stuff.

UPDATE: no pagodas in Georgia. Too fly-y. Only sparklers and ground things. SUCK!

What are your must-haves? And what is your fireworks budget?

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Amy said...

I DO NOT like fireworks any longer. After being in the city that is transformed into a war zone complete with ambulances and drunken assholes, 4th of July is my LEAST favorite holiday. Snaps and pagodas are awesome. Shooting bottle rockets out of hand and lighting cones near parked car, not awesome.