Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Top 3 Reasons I love

My top three reasons to love
1. Kindle
2. Video on Demand
3. Amazon's Awesome Customer Service

Recently, I had a blunder. A mis-step. A mistake.

I dropped my Kindle. (GASP!) (No, the horror!!!)

I was fumbling around in my purse on the way into the allergy doc to get shots and the Kindle just tumbled out onto the burning, hard asphalt parking lot.

When I settled in after my shots, I opened it and was distressed to find the top of
the screen chipped and unreadable, and lines down the side of the screen.

I cried. A lot. Right there in the doctor's office. And again when I got home. It's like having a friend break their leg and it's your fault.

As soon as I had computer access, I logged onto FAQ's about Kindle. There was a number to call if your Kindle 'wasn't working'...and mine clearly was not.

I got a customer service agent on the phone and told him I dropped my Kindle and now the screen was broken and WAAAA! (Started crying again.)

"No problem. It's within the year warranty. We'll send you a new one that should be there in 2 days."


I was surprised, and thrilled, at this level of customer service and product backing. (They may also have looked to see I am probably in their top 10% of book-buyers, Big Love-buyers, and general stuff-buyers from their website.)

Amazon, you have an (even more) loyal customer for life. THANK YOU!

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