Thursday, June 23, 2011

Camping = Hiking

As previously posted - we are fully back to camping!

This coming weekend we are going to Black Rock Mountain State park, and that trip will make it the 4th camping weekend in a row. Excessive? Maybe. But we will not have the opportunity to go again until the end of July due to other commitments. (Like vacation! And weddings! And trade shows!)

And really, camping for us has grown into a HIKING adventure more than anything. We have fallen into a routine - and I love it.

Friday 3PM - Jeff picks me up from work
Friday 6PM - Set up camp, including tent, easy-up, air mattresses, chairs, etc. Friday 7PM - Yummy dinner - jambalaya if Jeff's in charge :)
Friday night - Decompress from the week with a Campfire and Jiffy Pop popcorn
Friday 10PM - showers and bed

Saturday 8AM - Breakfast of hiking champions - High Fiber Oatmeal, bacon, and a banana
Saturday 9:30AM - Head out for hike
Saturday sometime - Clif Bar and Gatorade mid-hike
Saturday 3PM - Return to camp, recover, go swimming in the lake to stave off soreness
Saturday 6PM - Make dinner and start the fire
Saturday 7PM - Decompress from the hike with a Campfire and Jiffy Pop popcorn
Saturday 9PM - showers and bed

Sunday 8AM - Breakfast again...same thing
Sunday 9AM - Pack up camp
Sunday 11AM - A quick hike which may or may not include lunch
Sunday 2PM - head for home

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