Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Should I audition?

Yikes. My reminder I set for myself about 6 months ago popped up. It says, "Call ASO for audition."

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Choir only takes choir member auditions in July. They also rehearse on Mondays - and I am ALWAYS here on Mondays so it would be perfect.

And Jeff pointed out that I am never happier in life than when singing in a group (preferably with lots of solos....just kidding. Kind of.). BUT - I am extremely rusty and out of shape, and know if I went to audition it would likely be hideous. And then I would suffer rejection and I HATE not being awesome.

BUT I really want a group to sing in. And not a sucky, community group, but one that does difficult-ish music and where I can be part of creating magical moments.

What are your thoughts, friends? Carpe Diem? Or wait till next time? (I am leaning towards Carpe Diem myself.)


Anna said...

Carpe Diem!!!

Jason said...

I would rather try and fail. Then to not try at all. Carpe Fucking Diem!!!!

TBD said...

Carpe Diem! At the audition... maybe you could tell them that you are getting back into singing... and if you wouldn't make it this year, ask for their recommendation of an alternative org to get involved with in the mean time... with the understanding you will audition again next year!