Saturday, July 24, 2010

God's Country

I have been homesick. Like really bad. And not just for family - I have seen them several times over the last few months. I needed to be HOME. In South Dakota. Here's from our 2 days of fun!!! (Click on any individual photo to make it bigger and enjoy the detail of God's Country.)

LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!!! This is the new tractor with quite the cockpit inside. Very high-tech.

The dream team...missing Uncle Keith of course. Jeff was not prepared to work that day (notice the nice shorts and shirt). Of course he did anyway.

Dad's purple rig and his ever present companion, Mason

This is in the plot just behind the house, nearest the drying bins.

I climbed up another bin to capture this shot - looking west from the farm, along WBC23

Bonding time with dad is better with a 2 was putting a ginormous propane tank up on blocks. Two payloaders, 5 guys, and one girl later, we got it done.

My favorite part of the Toy Shed (in addition to Lord Calvert)

The farm from down the road

Ahhh...prairie. Driving up to the north farm.

I love this shot. You could HEAR the corn growing.

Nothing beats straight from the stalk sweet corn. YUM!

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Anna said...

Love, love, LOVE the last "scenery" shot! So peaceful, tranquil and calming. Must have been wonderful to be home!