Monday, July 12, 2010


Hello Deuschtland! I left ATL on Sunday around 12:30pm for JFK and
connected for my first class seat to TXL at 7:00pm Sunday night. After
some great service and pretty good food, I settled in for an hour nap
during the 8-1/2 hour flight. Then of course it was freshen up time
and a granola and fruit breakfast.

We arrived around 10am and picked up a cab - a very unGermanlike free
for all to get a taxi outside. No lines, no order. It was crazy - my
bum blocking dudes in suits are the only reason we ended up with a

After settling into our hotel, I took a quick nap from about 11:30am
till 3pm, worked out on the elliptical, and met everyone for some
touring and traditional German food.

Tonight was 2 huge Pilsners, and a meal of 6 sausages, mashed potatoes
with brown gravy, and sauerkraut. I was going to do weinerschnitzel
but to continue walking and touristing in 97 degrees with fried food
did not seem like a great idea.

Next we saw Checkpoint Charlie, the only point where the wall could be
crossed. There is a museum and a TON of plaques etc to read so we
spent some time there. Then we saw the glory of East German
engineering, the stock car they gave to every family. We saw the
longest continuous remaining piece of the Wall and read the stories of
those who tried to escape. Then we saw Hitler's bunker which is just
kind of a grassy knoll.

A Haagan Daas sorbet later and I am ready for bed! Tomorrow is a full
work day but I am sure we will do something in th evening since it
doesn't get dark till almost 10:30. Bye for now!

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