Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inspiration for Creative Minds

The day after my new niece was born, I saw this great article about raising kids to have creative minds (and of course I took note, since there is a new baby around).

This mom is advocating saving your money to afford traveling, going on vacations, experiencing other cultures, and giving your kids exposure to new things. She believes her girls are more well-rounded, better versed, and much more creative after having these experiences. After reading this poem by her 11-year-old daughter, I might agree.

Where I’m From - By Carrington , Age 11.
I am from Italy
Where the hills of Tuscany rolled on and on
Where Viareggio’s warm water made my smile grow
Where I held up the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Where gondolas were seen at every corner

I am from Florida
Where mosquitos sucked while the sun set
Where islands surrounded me
Where rain, wind, thunder, and lighting collided with a BANG!
Where seashells floated around my feet

I am from Canada
Where cows linger outside my window
Where the sand is red, and not white
Where snow drops delicately on my hair
Where most moments freeze my fingers

I am from London
Where I spent a night at many hotels
Where I watch the London eye (and it watches me)
Where Christmas and snow create heaven
Where fancy dresses and coats are worn often

I am from Mexico
Where I watched jet skis zoom past me
Where I wrote my name in the sand
Where I walked a walked across water(only to fall in with a large SPLASH!)
Where I watched celebrities play poker

I am from New York
Where the Nutcracker astounds me each year
Where freshly cold air fill my lungsWhere exhibits amaze me every time
Where dresses and dancers waltzed across the stage

I am from California
Where family is everywhere
Where I opened my first book
Where I jumped under water before I could float
Where every song holds a treasured memory

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