Thursday, July 15, 2010

Berlin Canal Cruise

Last full day today before leaving tomorrow morning to come home. I
hate to admit I am homesick...for Jeff, my girls, American a/c,
salads, bigger toilet seats...

Anyway we made the last day worth our while and had it packed full
again with work till abou 1630. Then, a canal cruise (one-hour tour)!
This cruise went through the "old" city center, most which had been on
the East Berlin side of Alexanderplatz. A LOT of the commentary ended
with "this has since been rebuilt as it was destroyed in the war".

Some of the highlights we toured in further detail after the cruise:

Berliner Dom also known as the Berlin Cathedral. Protestant church and
home to one of the oldest organs in Berliner. The dome was bombed with
a fireball in 1944 and as it collapsed it damaged much of the inside.
Restoration was not completed until 2002.

Museum Island - most of the museum space, including 5 museum
buildings, are found here.
Television tower - overlooks the city and has a rotating restaurant.
When Germany hosted the World Cup in 2006, it was decorated like a
soccer ball.

We walked a bit more and stopped at the Block House where I had a
filet mignon. Not very German, I know but I couldn't handle any more
rich food!

Tonight I am sad to pack up and leave Germany. I think I will plan for
my family to return before Christmas to see the traditional St Nick,
decorations, and shop at one of 63 hand craft Christmas markets.

Guten nacht!

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