Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Three words that are music to my ears: 3-day weekend. WOOHOO!

We started out Friday night like any other Friday - catching up on TV shows and going out for Greek food (yummy gyros).

Saturday was project day - Jeff decided to secure our house by purchasing deadbolts for our various doors. After a trip to Home Depot, a trip to Lowe's, and about 10 hours of work, our house now has new handles and deadbolts on our garage entry door, our basement door, and the patio door. We are almost break-in-proof!

Next, in a few weekends, I think we are going to put motion sensors up at the corners of the house. (BTW, did any of you ever watch "To Catch A Thief" on TLC? I loved that show. My hope is to make our house less appealing to break into than our neighbor's place.)

On Sunday we went to the new Twlight movie - Eclipse. It was AWE-SOME! Although less campy and more dramatic than the first (I personally liked the campy lines), it was still filled with plenty of young meat, er men, and their bare chests. (Favorite line, by Edward, to Bella as Jake walks up: "Sheesh, doesn't he own a shirt?")

We stopped by the grocery store and picked up grilling supplies, and then had over our neighbors for burgers and brats. We finished up the night with a campfire and s'mores, and plenty of fountain cones set off in our driveway.

Monday was a day of rest - my ass-mar was flared up by the firepit and smoke from fireworks so we just laid low, sitting on the front porch for awhile, napping, crocheting (pretty much my ideal day).

Did you blow off any fingers this weekend? Our household remains unscathed!

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Anna said...

No blown fingers here. We had a nice relaxing weekend and drinks at a friends house and fireworks in their neighborhood that night. The best part... a nap on rainy Monday. I love three day weekends but ESPECIALLY those where Monday is the day off!s