Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why do I do this?

Over and over again. When living in MN the Vikings were definitely a common topic of conversation so we watched them too. Lots of Monday morning chatter and small talk revolved around the purple and gold, and for many years there was not much to talk about - disappointment, a few wins, mostly losses.

However, Jeff and I only marginally like football. Although versed in the basics, neither one of us gets all the intricacies (screen pass?), and I usually think it's pretty boring to watch anything for 3-4 hours. So when we moved to Georgia, we decided - even with Favre-mania happening back home - that we were not really planning on following our team anymore.

Until today. For the NFC Championship we thought, for this big a game, let's cheer them on!

Ugh, and then utter disappointment. I was reminded yet again what being a Vikings fan feels like.

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