Tuesday, January 5, 2010

18 degrees, 7 wind chill!?!?

Who ordered this? Jeff and I are hearty, Midwestern folks who luckily still have coats, clothes, and general gear to handle cold temperatures.

However, one (of very few) pros to move to Georgia was the weather. And now today it was 7 degrees wind chill this morning, pipes are bursting all over town, there was a special report on NPR this afternoon on how to "spot" black ice and how to - and not to - drive on it, and there is snow predicted for Thursday.

Even if I DO now how to drive in snow and ice, I don't trust those crazies to not hit my car. Will it be expected of the Minnesotans to be at work but the Atlantans to stay home, or can we all partake in a snow day?

Perhaps Mother Nature is reminding us transplants that it really is January, regardless of how nice my pansies looked before this cold snap.

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