Monday, January 18, 2010

Unpacking, and Elton John

This weekend we finally tackled the last stand of boxes. You see, when you move and have lots of space to move into, things tend to get shoved into closets. This is fine except when the scissors, paper, and tape end up in three separate rooms. Or you have four closets, all with some form of coat in them. Or, there are extra clothes in three different places, none of which are in your own bedroom.

So we organized and repacked all of the extra bedrooms' stuff, consolidated and labeled totes in the basement, and in general remembered where our stuff was stored.

After a hard day of this work, we decided to ROCK OUT with Elton John and his Vegas concert DVD, "The Red Piano". Two bottles later of Cascade Falls white wine, and the two of us kind of recall having a great time! The speakers were loud, and the light show on the plasma tv was intense - even without the adult beverages.

Enjoy! (Watch out for the gigantic adult-themed blowups and Tina Turner's fan!)

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