Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Made It!

Back in SD at last. After my 6:20am flight from Atlanta and a connection in MSP, I have finally made it back to one of my homes - Rapid City. Jason picked me up from the airport and now we are just waiting for Jeff to arrive from Aberdeen and having a good ol' lunch at where it all began - Qdoba.

I say "where it all began" because many of our first dates (which I didn't consider dates for a very long time, like maybe until this year) happened over burritos and nachos at Qdoba.

Don't judge us - we were in college! No steak, wine, and roses for us...no matter how far - or not far - we go in life, you can't change your beginnings.

And what great beginnings those were - after almost 5 years of marriage I still like the guy. And we can still be content with a date at Qdoba.

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Amy said...

aww me likey philosophical jessi... much wisdom to impart you do.