Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our house is listed

Well, after much turmoil with the relo company, and a heck of a lot of work, our house is finally listed For Sale!!

Click here to view the listing and photos:

I was soooo excited yesterday - it was listed in the afternoon, and by the end of the day we had two showings scheduled already.

Someone came by at 4:30pm on Monday and another scheduled for 9:00am this morning. HOWEVER, I think the agent and clients who came by yesterday were looking for a foreclosure 'good deal' (not happening here), and then this morning was cancelled (we don't know why).

So now I am back to hand-wringing and anxious....I hope SO MUCH we have priced the house appropriately and can sell it at or near the listed price. But now, with half a day gone and no more calls to schedule showings I fear we are not reaching the right demographic...

PS - Shout out to Marne, who indeed did post on the favorite songs/podcasts comments. THANKS!!!! It's the little things that I am cherishing right now in the midst of all this other upheavalness.

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Marne said...

Stay positive... it will all work out! We love you! I'll post a message on my facebook page to my 'friends' in case anyone in MPLS/STP are looking! Thanks for including the link! Best of Luck! Love you!