Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things

This is a fun thing I stole from Facebook...I listed 25 random things about me because someone else had 'tagged' me to do it....and also sorry for the repeat for those that are on F-book and also read here (but I didn't KNOW you read, so thank you thank you thank you Joni and Anne!!!).

1. I am doing this because I have been tagged about 10 times.
2. I knew by junior year in college that I probably didn't want to be a traditional chemical engineer.
3. I really, really like to read. Mostly fiction (but not smut novels). Don't judge me.
4. I wish I had infinite money and time so I could get both an MBA and Ph.D in music. Don't know how that would work out professionally either, but I know I would enjoy both.
5. I respect my sister a lot. I don't think she knows that.
6. I tend to share a lot of frivolous personal information but not a lot of deep soul-knowledge. It's hard for me to make NEW life-long friends because I am guarded.
7. I think my blog is sweet and wish more people would read it.
8. I secretly wish I could have a dog.
9. I think my parents are awesome and at the same time cherish every moment with them because when I see them, they look older and remind me of their mortality.
10. In my head, I think I would like to move back to SD. In reality, it's unlikely a job will present itself.
11. I firmly believe an Ivy League / East Coast / Big School degree is not needed to succeed in Corporate America. You make your own opportunities.
12. I almost always vote Democrat and was a Hilary supporter.
13. Just because we haven't had kids yet does not mean we will never have kids. Lots of people wait until well into their 30s. And, for the record, it's inappropriate to ask.
14. I have never push mowed a lawn. If Jeff didn't do it, I would hire a neighbor kid. Same goes for snow shoveling.
15. I have chewed my nails since, like, age 8.
16. I abhor tanning beds and look down on those who use one. Half because it's unhealthy and half because I have no business putting my light skin through that torture, it just doesn't work.
17. I judge people poorly when they use incorrect grammar or spell something wrong.
18. I always plan on giving 10% away to charity but rarely succeed. I am solidly at the American average.
19. I would like to live abroad. Jeff would not.
20. My favorite place to vacation is the Black Hills, and always will be, no matter how many other crazy places we go.
21. It rarely ever feels like I have been married for 4 years. But I can't imagine my life without my hubs.
22. I am terrified of drowning, in a car that I cannot escape from. Also, snakes.
23. This I have learned: mergers are difficult and messy.
24. I really like peanut butter rice krispie bars.
25. I got a pearl necklace for Christmas!

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Amy said...

this made me cry. Deepest thanks for reminding me I am human and have emotions. why do you insist on killing me softly?
As for the newest toy
I have a few suggestions:
The MGMT album-"Kids" is my fave
M.I.A - Paper Planes
The Killers-Hot Fuss- "On Top"
Metro Station-the kids are like 17 but they bring the funk
The Slumdog Millionare soundtrack if you are into Indian culture, I know I am
here is an oldie but oh so good:
Erykah Badu- Mama's gun-Bag lady is the
Have Fun!!