Friday, January 16, 2009

Dead Denny, WHY?

Will someone PLEASE tell the Grey's Anatomy writers to stop punishing Katherine Heigl for her comments about pulling out of the Emmy pool last year??????? It's making the rest of us fast forward our Tivo through any parts involving Denny.

On the upside, hopefully the ending to last night's show, where Denny sits on the bed with Alex and says, "We need to talk." is the beginning of the end.

Or maybe a ghost (who is having sweaty sex with Izzy.) (I know.) will kill Alex so they really can talk. That would be a totally sensible trajectory for the storyline. UGH.

Anywho, had discussion #2 with my new boss, and our director, this morning. I realized that my concerns around travel - and wanting clarification and boundaries (and pushing for them) - might have been a bit off-putting. (It was.) Turns out, they thought I was going to stroll in and say, take this job and shove it.

I didn't. Although it is different than what I previously thought, I think it is still a great opportunity - lots of $$ to save, good experience, should be a FUN job. I am confident we can work through my travel concerns if and when they come up, but seriously, in the meantime this is a fantastic way did I say, no way.

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