Friday, January 23, 2009

Motivational Speaker

I wish I had something thoughtful and intriguing to say today, or at least a thoughful and intriguing article to link you to in lieu of my own original thoughts. I don't. Sorry.

Instead I have bags under my eyes (lack of sleep) and itchy skin (stupid cold weather). And I don't think the relocation company is EVER going to call back so we can put our house on the market. And I am not sure my parents are going to get on the flights they want - they are going on a cruise next week, leaving port on Monday and returning Friday but are flying down to FL a couple days early.

I feel like singing that song...."nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms...."

I am allowed to have a bad attitude one day, and today is my day. GRR, stupid cranky-headedness.

PS - lameness ensues from you, my faithful readers, by directly Ignoring my plea to talk about your favorite podcasts /slash/ music from earlier this week. LAME-O. Double GRR.

PPS - Just because we found out last night that Dead Denny was trying to tell Izzy that she was sick does NOT excuse the fact it was still a lame-o story line.

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Marne said...

Not trying to ignore you... just recovering from being in Miami and getting back to work... I LOVE your blogs... don't get sad... you DO have faithful readers!! And... I responded to the music/podcast question prior to reading this one... because I must read in order... I"m such a dork!