Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yellow Sweat

Happy Wednesday from Atlanta! AH-CHOO! Excuse me. It's pollen season.

Zumba kicked my butt on Monday. Our instructor, Maria, told us, "We are doing OL' SKOOL Zumba tonight - so get ready!"

Dude. It was 90% Latin-inspired, 5% warm-up and cool down, and 5% hip hop. Now I can shake my booty just fine to the hip-hop / pop music, which is normally what most of the class is like. TODAY, however, the super quick, on-your-toes, midriff shimmying Ricky Martin style dances left me in the (yellow) DUST!!! I left class REALLY sweaty and totally tired. (And I took Tuesday as a rest day, which normally is a workout day for me.)

When I got home, I noticed the streaks of sweat were leaving a YELLOW TRAIL on my face and neck - this happened after just walking to the car in the parking lot!

The pollen is horrible. The hot weather has started. But hopefully being almost 40 lbs lighter will make it all easier this season! (Stay tuned tomorrow to see if I hit the 40-lb mark!)

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Heidi Herbst said...

Great job, Jess! You've been working your tail off. Hope your allergies don't derail. Will be waiting to hear if you've hit your next goal.