Thursday, March 8, 2012

A (new to me) Underrated Junk Food

I have been looking for delicious, salty, not-as-bad for me junk food to satisfy that chip or cracker desire that strikes every once in awhile.

Enter Lance Crackers.

Did you even know about these? I had never heard of them until my new job (yet another perk - exposure to more processed food!!!).

I just had 2 cracker 'sandwiches' out of a Lance Whole Grain Sharp Cheddar Cheese package. I am completely happy, satisfied, and dare I say - not wanting more??? after just 2 of those sandwiches for 2 Points Plus.

Even better, they come pre-packaged so it would be really difficult to indulge in more than 5 Points Plus at a time (the value of a whole package).

The nutritionals make my tummy much happier than your typical potato chip or cracker:
180 calories
9 grams of fat
23 grams of carbs
3 grams of fiber
5 grams of protein

I know, I know - it's not as good of a snack as "an apple" or "broccoli" or "just drink water". But I am telling you...sometimes I want some damn salty crunchy things and this is a good alternative to the vending machine! The nutrients may not be a lot different than a bag of chips but I feel like I'm getting more food, it tastes better, and will keep me full longer.

It also appears there is a Peanut Butter version avaialble with the same nutrional information. That will be next on my list to try!

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