Friday, March 16, 2012

Moment of Truth.

YIKES! After re-reading all the eating out and my throwing pure caution to the wind while my family was here, I was REALLY nervous about my weigh-in yesterday.

I expected a gain. Totally. I pre-counseled myself with positive self-talk: "You know how you gained. And you will know what to change next week."

Guess what. I LOST 1.4 lbs! WHAT?

ELATED!!!!!!!!!!! I guess walking around like a crazy touristing person burns a few calories too. Good thing those ribs didn't stick to my ribs like I thought they would :) (HAHAHAHA).

No rest for the weary though. I am back completely on track today - and even went to a 60 minute class at normal dance / step / kickboxing class was not normal...she said, "I don't feel like doing step today. Let's do sprints." Um. I'm pooped.

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