Friday, March 23, 2012

Oopsie Daisy!

Since I know you are all waiting for most recent results, I'll break it to you right away...I did not hit my 40-lb loss mark yesterday.

I lost only 0.2...mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I told Jeff I'm not too worried about it. Here's why:

My Top 5 Reasons With Which I Am Convincing Myself Not To Worry

1. I ate well this week...on plan, with no big oopsies or slip-ups.

2. I worked out over 4 hours the past 7 days - earned 27 Activity Points.

3. I flew twice (ATL-MCO-ATL) during my weigh-in day, and landed only about an hour and a half before weigh-in. I retain a LOT of water in my legs and feet when I fly.

4. I do not usually eat or drink anything between 3PM and 6PM (weigh-in time) to stay consistent. Yesterday, I totally did - a big bottle of water, cheese, and a Bailey's at the Sky Club.

5. And finally...TMI coming...I didn't go #1 or #2 before the weigh-in, which I usually do.

I know - likely all of this did not equal 2 lbs worth of stuff...but maybe it did equal 1 lb, which would put me right back around my average weekly loss.

We'll just stay on this path this week again, and eventually the number will come in.

Just like my friend Megan - who has been struggling with health issues and injuries and dental malpractice and therefore NOT losing...all of a sudden this week (after a week of REST), WHAMMY! Her loss was over 4 lbs this week, and enough to hit her 95-lb loss!!!!! WAY TO GO, MEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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