Monday, August 1, 2011

My Superpower

I have a superpower. It's about as much of a secret as Clark Kent's identity.

It is the ability to pick out the most expensive thing in the room.

Case in point: yesterday we went clothes shopping for Jeff. He needed to spruce up his wedding-wear for my cousin Spencer's wedding this weekend.

I spied a dark grey (almost black) with small texturing variations that played off the light, and paired it with a beautifully muted, light grey dress shirt.

After going 'round the store a few times, we returned to find the grey dress shirt would have to be ordered, so it would not make sense to get the tie.

As we rung up our purchases, I impulse-grabbed the tie to add to the tally. After all, we WERE ordering the grey shirt.

(Notice how I have not mentioned I looked at the price tag yet?)

They rang up our total. Which was WAY more than I expected...Um...Sticker shock. We took our packages to the car and I immediately asked to check the receipt.


For a tie.

A Hand-made, silk-spun, gorgeous tie.

It got returned. (Thank you honey.)

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