Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet Corn + Mosquitos = Home.

This weekend could not have been better! A mini family reunion, a wedding, sweet corn, a new Morton building, 80 degrees and sunny...who could ask for more?

Friday was a bit of a blur - flying to Aberdeen, then lunch with Mom and Amy. Relaxing and talking in the afternoon was followed by the rehearsal dinner at Bob & Sharon's backyard - catered by Qdoba!!! We could have stayed out all night, but the mosquitos chased us away. I think I got 20 bites in about 10 minutes as the sun set.

On Saturday before the wedding, several family members came out for lunch. Including Mason...Jeff's ever-consistent buddy during harvest.

Dad, Uncle Keith, and I put fresh picked (5 minutes old) sweet corn on the grill while Jeff prepared some bacon-wrapped shrimp. Cousin Cory was back on the farm after a hiatus (good to see him again!!!) and Uncle Leon is supervising the process.

Spencer came right before lunch as he and Ashlee wanted the bridal party to have some 'rustic farm photos'. Aunt Deb and Mom were so happy to have them there!

A (not really) Private Moment during photos...it was really fun to peek out while they were having their pictures taken.

The bridal party tooled around the whole weekend in Da Bus. Not quite a Prince William and Princess Catherine chariot but it worked for small-town South Dakota.

The happy couple (er, us) after the nuptials...what BEAUTIFUL weather in Warner!

2 words: Open. Bar.

Congratulations Ashlee and Spencer! Isn't she beautiful?!?!

Aw, Uncle Bob and Aunt Sharon share a kiss when the glasses are clinked.

Uncle Keith, Uncle Bob, and Dad share a family moment

MY SISTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We danced it up like crazy...Dad even twirled us on the dance floor, one after the other. It was soooo special (and fun)!

Weekends like this make me miss Home so much. And Family. I love you all!

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Jennifer said...

I am so glad that you had a good time! It truly shows in your pictures!