Monday, August 29, 2011

A Kitty Story

Looky here! Our backyard is (temporarily) home to a mama kitty and her 5 kittens.

(Can you spot them all? Count the tails.)

Jeff saw these 2 cutie-pies playing at the bottom of our deck and snapped this photo.

We called the Fayette County Animal Rescue on Saturday - they don't operate anything except adoptions until Monday.

It was 90 degrees on Saturday and the mama left the kittens. We gave them some water. And our kitty food. Then we went out to get some cheap kitten food.

It would be kind of fun to see them grow up. But, our backyard and neighborhood cannot handle 6 wild kitties. There are too many dogs, traffic, etc and I would prefer they not torment our girls through the window. All that said, they are feral, but temporarily adopted until we can get them trapped and taken in.

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