Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Hikers

I L-O-V-E 3-day weekends!!!

Friday was an early day - I got a phone call from Jeff saying he had stepped on a yellowjacket nest and had a bunch of stings. I rushed home to find him showered, red, and itchy - but doing ok (considering there were 16 stings on his legs and upper arms). This put a bit of a damper on Friday plans so we laid low as Jeff put on cream, lanacaine spray, and popped Benadryls.

By Saturday he was feeling better (can you believe it) so we got the yard all spruced up for the weekend - mowing, weeding, blowing debris. Four hours of work in the Georgia heat feels like 10!!! We capped off the day by having some friends over for a BBQ (from Shane's of course) and a fire pit with s'mores.

Sunday was an easy day - we needed some time off to relax. So we putzed around the house, got groceries and a few other errands, but mostly just hang out. I think there may have been a couple naps in there too.

On Monday, we woke up bright and early to take a day trip to Sweetwater Creek State Park, about 40 minutes from our place. We had go early to try and beat the heat since we were not going up into the mountains.

We were on the trails hiking before 9AM, with 2 Clif bars, a Gatorade, and 3 liters of water in town. It was a beautiful area - waterfalls and rock rapids, and a really cool Civil-war era ruins. The Union came through and burned all 5 floors of the textile mill during the war and all that is still standing is the brick facade. (I'll post photos later.)

And - of course - we geocached. We got our first stamp in the Georgia State Park passport!!! If we get 15 State Park Geocache stamps, we will reach the bronze level and get a really cool trinket.

Monday night was of course fireworks. We did not fight any crowds but instead Jeff dashed in and out of the the rain to give us a good show!

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