Tuesday, July 19, 2011

From food...to vacation

Whew! What a whirlwind - after departing the show on Tuesday, I made the 7-hour, 2 time zone, 1 layover trek from DCA to RAP. For you non-airliners that's Reagan to Rapid City.

We are still getting our photos organized but a brief overview of the past week is here:
Tuesday - arrive at the cabin
Wednesday - emergency work conference call, groceries, Broken Boot Gold Mine, Terry Peak summit and geocache
Thursday - Custer State Park Wildlife Loop, Sylvan Lake picnic and hike, Mt Rushmore lighting ceremony
Friday - Pactola picnic and swimming
Saturday - Spearfish Canyon, Fish Hatchery, Roughlock Falls, Cheyenne Crossing
Sunday - cleaning, packing, Pizza Lab lunch with arcade, most family departed but we met some college friends for dinner
Monday - relax at the cabin, run to Spearfish to restock supplies, listened to the wind
Tuesday - travel day

Aye carumba!

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