Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two Hartmans

We sent Jason (Jeff's brother) on his way back to South Dakota today. He has spent the better part of this past week at our house (yes, even while I was gone) and I think Jeff got every honey-do off the list that he had been saving up for the tall, skinny kid.

They did a perfect job manicuring the lawn, even mowing the opposite way, while also trimming like crazy, and pulling weeds in all my beds. (Jason actually mowed twice while he was here, the first day and the second to last.) They hauled up probably 5 or 6 wheelbarrows full of mulch to add to my gardenia bed, my rose bed, and the front mailbox bed of dwarf plumbago and dwarf bamboo (which is not really bamboo).

They "played" in the backyard...although I guess once you are older you graduate from swingsets to chainsaws. They cut up a ton of wood and even chopped down a full tree (I was told that was extremely exciting and a bit of a rush). Then they tossed the logs into our backyard, chopped it into firepit worthy quarters (this part took several mornings), and placed it into the newly built firewood holder. They re-landscaped my mulch pit so it's not so squishy and evened out another path to my new garden bench. They also put up markers for all my new plants so we don't accidentally Round-Up them in the fall.

Keep in mind, last week there was a heat advisory all week. Because the Heat Index was around 110 every day - it was in the 90s and just about as humid as I've ever seen. Literally all the windows in our house were dripping just like a bathroom window after a shower would.

I guess they cooled off in the afternoons and evenings by playing STARCRAFT 2! I am not a computer gamer, but after purchasing the game they decided both the computer monitor and the video card needed upgrading (this took 4 trips to Best Buy).

Do you think those boys had fun? I think Jeff will miss his buddy ;)

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