Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Break Point

I do not understand mainstream news media. The story bothering me today is how someone wants to build a mosque 2 blocks from the World Trade Center.

Ok, who wants to build it? And why is it an issue to build it - because it is a mosque, or because it is a place of worship, or because there is no memorial yet built? And then, why is there no memorial yet built?

So all of these questions are burning in my mind...let me add one more. Why don't journalists get the complete story and report THAT? Why do I only hear one set of facts with nothing to string together the whole picture?

(PS. I personally don't see what the big deal to build a mosque there is. Obviously those folks have decided they need a place of worship where one does not exist. Can you imagine, southerners, the opposition to another Baptist church going up? Come on.)

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Anna said...

Agree! The thing that angers me is how most Americans have become so intolerant of other religions, especially Muslims. All the uproar I hear about the mosque is because Al-Qaeda are Muslim we therefore should hate all Muslims. There is a group in central Florida that was working to set up an event burn the Koran. What happened to our diversity that made our Country appealing to others? So now just because a group of people with a certain religion attack our County we associate all people with that same religion as wanting to attack our County and treat them with such hatred?