Monday, August 23, 2010

Best night ever, courtesy of Maroon 5

On Saturday night, Jeff and I trekked over an hour to the northern part of the city to go see Maroon 5 at the Verizon Amphitheater in Alpharetta. Yes it was outdoors. In Atlanta. In August. But it was soooooo worth it!!!

We have both concluded this was the BEST concert we have ever been to (sorry Garth). Garth's big stadium show was likely as awesome as Maroon 5, BUT we saw his up close and personal show; which while so very very cool, was not sweating your butt off-electrical sexuality-crazy music-guitar shredding experience that Maroon 5 brought to Atlanta on Saturday.

Adam Levine, their lead singer, must get a lot of tail. A LOT. Because believe me, every female in attendance, from 15 to 55, wanted to take him home. Jeff at some point looked at me and said, "If sex walked around playing a guitar and wearing a wife beater, it'd be Adam Levine." (BTW, Adam started out with a wifebeater, shirt, and another shirt. It rained right before the concert, which just adds humidity to the air so you can taste it, feel it, see it. Over the course of the night, it was so freaking hot and humid he just ended up with a completely soaked wifebeater.)

The opening song, "Misery", was their new single off the yet to be released album, and probably you have heard it on the radio. And the concert seriously got better from there...Harder to Breathe, Seven Miles from the Sun, She Will Be Loved, Sunday Morning, Makes Me Wonder, Shiver (Jeff's favorite), Won't Go Home Without You, This Love...which I definitely need to share a clip of here.

This clip is really similar to our concert - the same setup and audience energy / participation. And our seats were pretty good - front section, stage left, probably 25 rows back.

2:32 is my favorite lyrical part. Oh yeah. He is totally my freebie.

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Amy said...

Adam Levine + Maroon 4 look like he puts on a great show! I'm glad you two had a steamy night!