Monday, August 3, 2009


First, we thought a cat had been locked in a closet. Or a bathroom. Or somewhere. Similar to Maddie being stuck on a mousetrap in a closed closet (see previous posting).

After successfully locating both felines, we went about determining what might be making a scratch-scratch-scratch-BANG noise somewhere in the house. Which sounds like it's in the walls.

It must be either a squirrel, or a very large rat. I am assuming squirrel, mostly because I HATE rodents of the mice and rat type and refuse to believe something like that is inside.

Anywho, it is continuing the noise into this evening and I am crossing my fingers it will find its way out. Although Jeff says they don't usually, at which point I will dread 90 degrees and 70% humidity even more than I have been already.

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